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About Us

About Us

Condominium Living At Its Finest

Situated in the lively and densely populated Orlando, Florida, Ventura is home to over 250 residents and embraces the calm beauty of Lake Roper and Lake Fredrica, imparting an urban ambiance to its meticulously maintained surroundings. In this serene setting, Dockside at Ventura epitomizes community living.

Conveniently located in Central Florida, our condominium association ensures a harmonious balance of peacefulness and convenience for residents. Discover the distinctive allure and practicality that characterize life at Dockside at Ventura.

Our Story

Committed To Excellence Since 1987

Our Vision

We envision a distinctive community where modern living meets comfort. Our vision is to create an inclusive and thriving environment that celebrates diversity, embraces sustainable practices, and fosters innovation. We aspire to be a premier choice for those seeking an inviting lifestyle in Orlando, Florida. Through transparent communication, dedicated service, and a commitment to excellence, Dockside at Ventura Condo aims to redefine the essence of contemporary condo living, providing residents with an unparalleled experience.

Our Mission

Our mission is to craft a community where modernity seamlessly blends with comfort, offering residents a unique and enriching living experience. We are devoted to fostering inclusivity, promoting sustainable practices, and inspiring innovation. Through transparent communication and unwavering dedication to service, we strive to provide a sophisticated yet inviting condominium lifestyle in the heart of Orlando, Florida. Our mission is to create a haven where residents can thrive, connect, and experience a sense of home that surpasses expectations.

Our Values

Our values underscore the creation of a dynamic community, emphasizing modern and comfortable living. Our commitment to fostering inclusivity, promoting sustainability, and encouraging innovation is unwavering. Through transparent communication and dedicated service, we strive to deliver a sophisticated yet welcoming condominium lifestyle conveniently located in the center of Orlando, Florida. Our core values revolve around integrity, community, and excellence, ensuring a harmonious and fulfilling experience for all residents.

Dockside At Ventura

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